Easy Reusable Grocery Bags

Ok, so I want to share with you guys one of my favorite DIY’s because it’s so easy and convenient.  I love making reusable grocery bags!  I was cleaning out our closet, and my husband has SO MANY T-SHIRTS! It’s a little ridiculous!  He doesn’t even wear most of them!  So, after guiding (forcing) my husband to get rid of a lot of t-shirts, I was stuck with what to do with all of them!  Well, here’s a super easy tutorial to turn those old t-shirts into reusable bags.  It’s super easy and doesn’t require any sewing!









Step 1:  Cut off the sleeves and the area around the neck (I don’t use specific measurements, just be sure to leave enough fabric for thicker handles)









Step 2:  Turn shirt inside out and cut strips at the bottom of the shirt about 1/2 inch thick, all the way across the bottom of the shirt.  Make sure you cut both the front and the back of the t-shirt, because you will need to tie them into a knot.









Step 4:  Tie the strips from the front and the back into a double knot, all the way across the bottom of the shirt.


Step 5:  Flip shirt right-side out, and now you have a new reusable grocery bag!

I absolutely love making these!  They’re so much cheaper than buying reusable grocery bags, obviously because they’re free!  They’re also better for the environment than using paper bags. They’re really easy to store in your car, for whenever you need them.  I even use them as reusable trash bags in the bathrooms, and you can just throw them in the wash! I use them whenever my husband and I are packing and we need to carry dog supplies or other little odds and ends.  I love them! Hopefully you can find them useful too!

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