3 Uses for Melrose

I absolutely love using essential oils!  They smell great, and they make you feel great too!  Check out my post here which gives tips on how to use lemon EO!  ​Melrose is an oil blend that isn’t that well known, but is super handy and pretty affordable!  Melrose is a blend that consists of Melaleuca, Naouli, Rosemary, and Clove.  I know, you’re thinking uhhh… I only recognize Rosemary and Clove.. Well, long story short Melrose can boost your immune system.  (Which means most all those oils that are in Melrose also has those properties)  I absolutely love having it around mostly for little first-aid purposes!  Here are 3 ways that I’ve used Melrose EO and it worked AMAZING!

1.  Urinary Tract Cleansing.

I will often times get minor UTI’s.  I’ve never had one bad enough to have to go on antibiotics, but I try to cut them off before they get that bad.  First and foremost DRINK WATER!  It’s true!  You should be drinking about half of your bodyweight in ounces of water per day!  So increase your water intake on a regular basis!  Second, I’m sure you’ve heard that Cranberry juice also helps with UTI’s.  Make sure it is organic and not a cranberry juice cocktail (which is all sugar).  Finally, I’ll add a drop of Melrose to my water.  The taste is a little weird to get used to at first, but it’s not too terrible.  I’ve found that it helps me in preventing UTI’s when I feel them starting to come on!

2.  Small wound, cuts/scrapes cleanser

I crashed my bike last summer :/ not fun… Well, I made a little antiseptic cleanser using 1 Tbsp of witch hazel and 1 drop of Melrose EO.  You can either use a clean rag to help clean the area, or double and triple the cleanser to make a rinse.  It does sting a little bit, but it is not nearly as bad as using an antibacterial or alcohol wipe!

3.  Help prevent itching from poison ivy and bug bites

Alright, so this was a cool discovery that my husband actually found!  We have an area of our yard that has poison ivy, and my husband insists on mowing the lawn in his bare feet (I know right?).  So long story short, he had poison ivy ALLLLL over his feet :/.  Fun fact: Did you know that coconut oil also has antibacterial and antifungal properties?  Well, he put about 1 Tbsp of coconut oil with about 5 drops of Melrose and rubbed it ALL over his feet.  What happen?  He said his itching stopped almost immediately!  After that, anytime he got any type of poison ivy or bug bites, he would go running for the Melrose!

Hopefully this gives you some helpful ideas for using Melrose EO!  Let me know if you’ve found any other uses for it or have any more questions!

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