It’s been a while!

I would say it’s definitely been quite a while since my last post!  You know… Life…  Wasn’t my goal to post at least one blog a week?  Yeah, that didn’t happen.  You know what?  Oh well!  Life happens, best to just roll with it.

I don’t know about you, but this year FLEW by!  My mom was right, life goes by faster the older you get.  This year was a crazy whirlwind of ups and downs.  So much has happened it’s insane!  But, I’m about to leave in a couple hours to go spend time with some of my best and dearest friends from college, so this post isn’t going to be too long.  It’s New Year’s Eve!  So everyone knows that means, New Years Resolutions!!!  I would like to share mine.

  1. Read my Bible and make devotions a regular part of my routine
  2. Go on more dates and long weekends with Jesse <3
  3. Make a routine (Bedtime routine, morning routine, exercise routine)  All of that good stuff!  I’ve really been struggling with sleeping, I don’t go to bed at a regular time, so I don’t wake up at a regular time.  I always feel so tired, so of course that means I don’t exercise and I sleep in rather than wake up to read my Bible.  Ugghhh..  Why do routines have to be so difficult?  Well, I guess it’s not the routine, it’s everything that seems to get in the way of the routine!
  4. Spend more time with friends and family, invite them to our house more often (Live life together)
  5. Write 1 blog post a month (Hence this random post 6 months after I originally started my blog, hopefully 1 post a month may be a little more realistic!)
  6. Have 2 investment properties (I’m in real estate now, so I’m learning about investing in rental properties… I’ll explain it all in another post)  p.s. my family, close friends and anyone who knows me is probably rolling their eyes right now because they’ve heard me talking about investing in rental properties non-stop 😛
  7. Talk and process through my feelings (Jesse has only seen me cry a couple of times, I don’t like to talk about feelings, they suck 😛 especially the ones that make you feel awful)

That’s it!  Even though 2018 ended in the blink of an eye, I’m really excited to begin 2019.  It’s a New Year with new opportunities.  I’ve learned so much just within the past year that I can’t wait to pursue, and possibly encourage others to pursue too!  Just like this blog, even if you get out of it for a while, you can always pick it up again.  Old and distant friendships can be rekindled.  Financial freedom can happen.  There is so much opportunity for anyone who is willing to work for it.  Building a relationship with Christ is work, relationships in general are work, work is work, being debt free is work!  Rather than doing it all by yourself though, choose some close friends, family, your spouse, whoever, but have support.  Surround yourself with people who will encourage you and help you to pick yourself up after you fall.  Have someone to hold you accountable and hold them accountable!  Live life together…  I think that’s my main goal this year 🙂

I hope you all have a wonderful New Years!

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