Well my New Years Resolutions failed…

Oh wow, did they fail greatly!  The one I really wanted to focus on was writing 1 blog post a month… That didn’t happen… Life right?

Well I would like to say that I do think I have a pretty good excuse!  Jesse and I closed on our new house on Feb 28!! Woohoooo!  We’re so excited!  So then March became a flurry of moving, getting our previous house rent-ready, and volleyball.  If I didn’t have a volleyball tournament, then my awesome mom and step-dad were coming in town to help us get our house rent-ready, if it wasn’t that, it was moving… Oh wow, you never realize how much JUNK you have, until you move.

So first of all, I want to say a HUGE thank you, to everyone who helped us move and to my mom and step-dad for all their help with getting our house rent-ready.

This move was our first big step in our rental journey, our goals to be debt free (even though we just bought another house), our plans for our future family, and plan for retirement.  I can’t even explain how excited and happy I am to begin this journey.

Last year was a completely difficult and trying year.  I had a lot of life questions after my 2 miscarriages and definitely began to fall into a dark hole.  Now, things are looking up and I fully believe that everything happens in God’s timing.  My goals and His goals are VERY different, and even though last year was extremely difficult, I do believe God still has a plan and has began to set us up to be in a more stable position financially and physically!  “For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways, my ways” (Isaiah 55:8).  Miscarriage is not easy, and anyone who has ever had a miscarriage, my heart goes out to you.  However, I truly believe that if we were to have either of those children, we would not be in the position we are in right now.  I feel much more at peace, because of how our financial situation will be when we do have a family and I will continue to fully trust in God to guide our futures.

ALL of that was just introduction 🙂 In this post, I really wanted to share with you how we began this journey of investing and building our rental portfolio.  Our first big decision, was whether or not we first wanted to buy a rental or buy a house to move into.  We went back and forth for sometime.  We were looking at some houses we could use as rentals first, but finally made the decision to look for a house we could move into.  Since we were thinking about kids at the same time, we finally settled on looking for a house in a safer area and better school district that we could move into and rent out our current house.  So now we knew what type of property we were looking for.

Jesse grew up in Beaver County, and I just fell in love with the area (Some people think I’m crazy).  So we knew we didn’t want to move too far away.  *Side note* When I was looking for rentals, I knew I didn’t want to go over $30000 TOTAL (even after renovations and work needed).  For a house we were living in, depending on the neighborhood, we set our sights on something under $60,000*  Lo and behold we happened to fall upon a super cute foreclosure!  I went to look at the property with a colleague from work and he really encouraged us to put in an offer right away!  After showing the house to Jesse too, he agreed and we began the process of putting in the offer.

The agent gave a deadline for offers, because multiple offers were received for this property.  My heart was crushed 🙁  I didn’t think our offer would ever get accepted because I’m sure other investors were offering more, or were able to pay with cash (which often means quicker closing).  Since this property was a foreclosure, the bank takes their dear old time responding to ANY offers.  So we didn’t hear anything for about 2 weeks.  FINALLY, the agent contacted me saying the bank COUNTERED OUR OFFER!  We were so excited!!  I immediately thanked God, because I did NOT think we were going to even be considered.  *quick tip* This house was a VA owned foreclosure.  Typically VA-owned foreclosures will consider offers from individuals who are planning to occupy the property before investor offers.

So, that’s how our offer got accepted!  They received multiple offers, but the others must have been from investors and we were the only ones actually planning to occupy the property!  So tip #1: if you’re planning on buying foreclosures, if it’s livable, then try and actually live in it!  (Even if it’s for a short time).

This house is everything we need for this next stage in our life.  It fit every aspect we had on our list and we are sooo excited.  This year is going to be exciting!  We have a new house, the journey for kids will begin again, and life continues to move forward and seem overwhelming.  Right now is a good overwhelming though.  We are currently waiting to find some qualified renters for our previous house, and are trying to make our new house into our current dream home.  This house is not going to be our forever home, we do want land.  It will eventually turn into a rental, but that’s not going to be for quite a few years.

What new and exciting things are happening for you this year?  I would love to hear about them!  Let’s continue to encourage each other, no matter where we are, and live life together 🙂



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